Beauty :) it’s just the way he stares!! 

Beauty :) it’s just the way he stares!! 

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johnbarrettsbassdrumofdeath said: your blog omfgdjg itS AWESOME :D

why thank you ;D


just a note to everyone who follows me,

i dedicate my blog to Andrew and to his fans so if i have a gif you have made, it means i appreciate your gif and i want to share it with the world. if i ever make a gif of my own i will say but otherwise i will keep sharing other peoples gif’s and re-posting them for everyone’s entertainment it doesn’t mean i’m trying to claim it myself because i’m not, i admit that because i just wanna be friends and share THE AWESOMENESS OF AMAZING ANDREW!! :D :D :D so if i have offended anyone by re-posting there gif i am sorry and please don’t hunt me down and kill me because i just want to share the love :) thank you :D <3

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